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1111 left-side pfp NFTs living on the Tezos blockchain. Each piece is unique programmatically generated from over 100+ hand-drawn traits. Built with Manga style in pixel art.

101PXL v1.0

101PXL Nft

The Species

There are 4 species on 101PXL NFTs.

101PXL Nft


Humans must survive amid the threat of Zombies and Monsters that rule the world.

101PXL Nft


The main enemies are Humans and Cyborgs with high survivability.

101PXL Nft


Cyborgs were created to help humans defend populations from extinction.

101PXL Nft


Monsters are evolved Zombies, with higher speed, intelligence and survivability.

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Be The OG's

A unique avatar to be used everywhere to stand out on the Tezos blockchain.

Become a 101PXL Collector. Buy, sell and trade safely. And get Exclusive NFT every launch new version.

After all 1111 sold, we run the Version 2 will make them into 3D. 150 lucky owner will get for free.

Be part of the new NFT community of the Tezos ecosystem.

The Creator

Creator behind 101PXL NFTs.

101PXL Nft


Web Developer, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Enthusiast, Cat Lover, & Manga Lover

@101pxl @101pxl

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All of NFTs just made 1 of 1, it has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system. Get your 101PXL now.